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2010-12-02 17:27:04 by Zombicidle

Review all of the following news posts to ensure that you know all the guidelines, regulations, rules and your jobs.

///Insert index later.


2010-12-01 12:50:49 by Zombicidle

This is the starting point of the image moderator agreement.


Random Questions #2

2010-08-12 08:17:58 by Zombicidle

Time for a new post after that stupid spam one:

1. How many news posts do you make each week?

2. How many awards did your most favorite flash on Newgrounds earn?

3. Refer to question 2. What types of awards did they win? (Daily 1st, Weekly 2nd, etc.). Ignore this question if the answer to question 2 was zero.

4. How many accounts do you have on Newgrounds (your main + all alts)

5. Do you drink soda? If so, what soda?

6. Does water have a taste? If so, what does it taste like?

7. What is our air composed of?

8. Did you ever deposit EXP for someone else?

9. Rate the General forum of the NG BBS from a scale of 0-10.

10. How often do you post to the BBS?

11. How much money do you think Newgrounds needs to pay for bandwidth, server maintenance, staff payments and other fees?

Ghosts fucked around with the account

2010-08-10 17:19:07 by Zombicidle

So all the favorites and images and crap in this account (even the previous news posts) were made by deathofghosts.

Now to prevent potential abuse and misrepresentation, I locked him out of this account by changing the password (YES I told him Zombicidle is going to be my new main like a month ago, so he can't complain).

Everything here, except 90% of the BBS posts, were made by ghosts. 10% of the BBS posts were made by him, 90% of the posts were made by me. Generally all posts in General were made by him, and all Audio and Where is/How to? posts were made by me (It is my job to help users on NG if others can't help them; even if it means risking my ass into danger). The C&C posts were 80:20. Ghosts made that stupid NGPD departure post (damnit) and that (failure) Zombie crew. I did the rest of the C&C stuff.

I'm not going to mess with anything ghosts did here. I'll leave everything it is, except add on to the BBS posts (the time I post is random; I may post once and not post for a month), make some reviews (haven't done those in awhile) and make news posts (as usual). The BBS posting and reviewing will actually go down to 0 once I get 6,000 news posts in SuperMarioBrosS, since I'll be focused on that and not on community crap.

Also... 206 (I have to memorize that number so ignore that).

If anybody wants me to put the Sonic pictures here because it "feels natural" or for any reason, comment here about it.

When the zombies come:

2010-07-26 13:06:38 by Zombicidle

Be calm
Be prepared
Be alert
Be fast
Be silent
Stay well rested
Have a back-up weapon
Remember: Blades don't need to be reloaded
Keep a high morel
Obtain information (ie. How many zombies are there? Where is the nearest safe zone)
Always dispose of bodies

When the zombies come:

Robot day!!!

2010-07-10 00:36:31 by Zombicidle

I can't wait to see the great animations that come out of today!!!

so, in related news, i am going to do a massive B/P gain today!

What are you going to do today?


2010-03-22 16:26:13 by Zombicidle

Hello, i am Zombicidle... i have viewed Newgrounds for a while now and i finaly decided to make an account... i cannot wait to become the best user i can be!