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Making more News Posts

2010-12-04 22:42:16 by Zombicidle

If by any chance the account's news posts have been all used up and fresh news posts are needed to continue posting more images, you are welcome to make an extra news post or two to add on more content. If you want to make some spam blank news posts at first and then later add in the content you are allowed to do so. DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN 10 BLANK NEWS POSTS. When making a spam news post, do not write gibberish or spam in it. Write something irrelevant or interesting or stupid so that it is not 100% pure spam. At least write one or two sentences in the body and a half-assed title on the top. You can also enable comments and then delete the posted comments (if any) when the images are being posted into the news post. You may also use a spam bot ONLY IF you need massive quantities of news posts (the number required must be greater than 20). If not then it must be spammed manually.

It is best to ask an administrator if you can run a spam bot (or spam manually) and/or just drop them a quick PM (send it to BOTH Tom and Wade since they handle most administrative tasks) that you're running a spam bot to make more news posts (so that they know you're doing it and the account isn't hacked and that you aren't doing it maliciously). Include the number of news posts being spammed, the length of the spam in days (divide the number of news posts you need by 20 and round the number to 2 decimal places) and the content that's going to be in those news posts. The maximum spam bot duration should not exceed 5 days (and even 5 days is pushing it). Also do not leave a bot overnight unless it doesn't cover the required amount of news posts. So if you need 5 news posts, don't leave a spam bot overnight for it will make like 22 news posts and that is trouble. We also do not want blank posts within the image archive - we want to keep them as low as possible for the least amount of time (as in we want to fill them in quickly).

Do not go overboard with making news posts. We don't want blank posts left behind. Any extra news posts left after filling in all the information (and there is currently no information to fill in) will be deleted - we're not leaving them in the image archive as a "jump start" for the next spamming spree. It's OK to make more spam posts than necessary as long as the excess spam posts have been deleted.

For every 10,000 images there should be 200-300 news posts, so there is a lot of room for plenty of images for small quantities of news posts. We shouldn't need to hit 1,000 news posts within the next year or so.

Replying to Comments

2010-12-04 22:12:11 by Zombicidle

You are permitted and encouraged to reply to any user comments on news posts. For security purposes the comment setting for MOST news posts are set to "Approved only" to ward off spam bots from exploiting a news post. When replying to a comment, you MUST sign your name at the end of your reply. You are allowed to add your reply to a reply that another image moderator has made, but you MUST not delete or edit the other image moderator's reply (even if it's correcting a spelling error), and you must sign your name after your comment. This will keep straight who said what and what they said. Signing another image mod's name into your reply will result in serious consequences and possibly a loss of access to the account. A series of hyphens ----------------- can be added below an image mod's reply to separate your reply from the other mod's reply.

You're also allowed to engage a conversation within image mods within a comment's reply (like one mod replies to a comment, another mod edits the reply and comments on the first mod's reply, the first mod edits again and comments on the 2nd mod's reply and so on). Here is an example. [NOTE: the abuse post has that comment]

Acceptable File Types

2010-12-04 21:42:07 by Zombicidle

The image archive not only consists of images, but also consists of resources and video files. Here are the files you should accept when judging a submission (or if you have found something lying around):

- SWF files

- FLA files (like preloaders for special seasons)

- Image files (obviously) - I prefer PNG and BMP images since they are in high quality, though JPEG is accepted if (A) there is no way to get the same screenshot or (B) it's a photograph or something relevant.

- Animated GIFs

- Javascript files (this is what gives your accounts its powers; take out this and you can't vote, submit stuff to the portals, post to the BBS, make news posts, comment on news posts, send PMs, etc.)

- CSS files (this file is what gives NG its fancy layout; take out this file and this site looks horrible)

- HTML files (like ban messages for example; this allows us to manipulate the HTML code so we can make our own custom ban messages and so on)

If none of the file typed in this list can be submitted to Imageshack or to Dumping Grounds, upload it to a file hosting site like mediafire.

If someone submits a file that does not fit under anything in this list, contact me and I will decide if it will be posted or rejected.

Approving Images to the Archive

2010-12-04 21:12:01 by Zombicidle

While more than 98% of the image archive will be mainly produced by us image mods, there will be a lot of instances where the user base will want to submit a screenshot they have in their hard drive or somewhere to the archive so that it is included with our screenshots. There WILL be a news post where users can submit their own images/videos to the image archive, and it is YOUR job to make sure that you review all of the submissions and approve/reject. Submissions can be sent either by PM or by commenting on the submission post, so make sure to check both places for pending submissions.

Anything with Newgrounds, even if it's a faint connection (like for example a picture of Wade's house) can be approved. There generally isn't much that can be rejected. If there's a screenshot of a thread, and the thread that was captured is still there EXACTLY the same (except the BBS signatures), then the image can be rejected for it's spam. But if there is a picture of a user before he/she was a mod, and vice-versa then the image can be included. So anything that is still available (like a screenshot of the General forum front page) shouldn't be added in unless there is something significant.

Images that have no relevance to Newgrounds will not be included in the archive. There may be very very few exceptions, but for the most part all irrelevant images should be rejected. The only exception so far is the East Coast 2010 Snowstorm of the Century, where Wade and I got bombarded with piles and piles of snow, and where images of the snow in both our areas are posted. That gets an exception since it not only is Newgrounds connected (Wade's area got dumped with plenty of snow) but it's extremely significant and important. While we want to support the growth of the image archive, we also want to cut down on irrelevant images so that it is more easier to search for desired screenshots.

Rule of thumb when approving images: When in doubt, approve it anyway unless if the quality is extremely bad. If you can't make a judgment, send it to me via PM and I'll make the final call. Note that if you reject an image, a user can override it by contacting me to judge it, so you may end up posting an image to the archive you rejected. Chances are if you reject it, I probably won't accept it either.

Upon approving an image, you are then requested to immediately send me the link to the image so that I can keep a record and copy of it. We want no loss of data in case disasters occur (and nothing is 100% safe).

Other Non-NG Accounts

2010-12-04 20:41:28 by Zombicidle

Each image moderator shall have their own imageshack account (sign up if you do not have one). This is to keep the images organized and to see who uploaded what. You may NOT share an imageshack account with another image moderator for security reasons (it's for a special reason - not the obvious reason that comes to mind).

An imageshack account allows you to upload unlimited number of images regardless of file size. Therefore any image less than 5.000 MB in file size should be submitted in imageshack. It is MANDATORY to have an imageshack account, and you MUST have an imageshack account - you cannot use Photobucket or any other image-hosting site for they have smaller limits than imageshack (most of them put a limit on dimension size and on file size).

If you discover a site that allows hosting for images or videos that have larger limits (in file size and dimensions) then contact me immediately and I'll edit this post. Until then we're sticking to imageshack.

There is also Dumping Grounds for our image hosting use but we will use that only for big images that cannot be stored in imageshack (images and files greater than 5.000 MB). If we stored all images in Dumping Grounds, we would need 50 accounts, and plus the preview image will not look pretty when stored in Dumping Grounds.

It is also strongly encouraged you sign up for a MegaUpload or mediafire account to host files that cannot be submitted to Imageshack or Dumping Grounds. You may use them for other purposes as well (like for school or with your own NG friends or whatever) unlike the Dumping Grounds accounts and the imageshack accounts. This is not mandatory but is recommended and encouraged. It also makes it easier to get a file to another NG user.

Dumping Grounds Accounts Use

2010-12-03 11:27:06 by Zombicidle

There will be images that exceed 5 MB, and to accomodate them (along with big videos) they will be uploaded to dumping grounds and stored so that they can be linked to. You may ask people to give up their unused alts or make new accounts (the first option is best). After filling up the dumping grounds space, you must either (A) send the password of it to all 5 image mods via sending it to the image archive account, or (B) send it to NGReviewEater only and I will keep it confidential. You MUST do either one of them.

The accounts used to store images CANNOT be used for other purposes. They will be used for their dumping grounds and ONLY their dumping grounds space. So upon filling it up with images/videos, you must "ditch" it, as in never use it again unless it's for image archive purposes only (like another image can be stuck in its dumping grounds). Exceptions are if you're using your main's dumping grounds or if you're using the dumping grounds space of another active account to store images.

The bottom line is that we do not want the account to be caught in so much trouble that it is deleted. We also want to set it up so that it's a completely dead account and that hackers probably won't bother hacking it in. So you may not deposit, boost its stats or make any news posts. The user page must be completely empty so that it looks unused. There shall NOT be favorites, news posts, reviews, BBS posts, submissions, NOTHING. Not even a profile picture or a user icon. The account must look completely dead. This is for security reasons.

Errors, Rule-breaking and Consequences

2010-12-03 11:12:48 by Zombicidle

Ideally we want to work together to complete this daunting tasks without making errors. But keep in mind that is the IDEAL situation - as in it is the PERFECT condition, and we know perfect is impossible to reach. I want you all to follow the rules and do your work (if you don't do your work it's not a big deal but if you break the rules that's a problem).

If you do not abide by the rules, you will face consequences. Consequences can range from a warning to complete expulsion from the account (inbetween are suspension periods that can range from 3-120 days). So do your work and don't horseplay and you'll be fine. There is room for a lot of fun but there are also limits.

Most of these rules listed in the rulebook is intended to prevent malicious abuse. If something breaks the rules but it's in good fun and is not harmful to the account or to anything else at all, I will allow it to slide. However anything that is malicious or abusive will not be tolerated. If you all abide the rules and don't do anything stupid and malicious then you'll be fine.

Do's and Don'ts

2010-12-03 10:25:20 by Zombicidle

You are ALLOWED to do the following:

- Manage the PM inbox (but not delete any PMs)
- Write on the news posts
- Moderate the comments or comment with your own account (not recommended; it's preferred you write your comment on the news post itself)
- Upload files to Dumping Grounds
- Reply to user comments or your own comments (avoid excessively replying to your own comments)

You are NOT ALLOWED to do the following:

- Post to the BBS*
- Write reviews (the account is permanently banned** from reviewing due to account abuse - permanent BBS ban is still pending)
- Comment on other users' pages INCLUDING your own pages with the account
- Change anything in the account settings except banning users from commenting, managing news posts and making news posts
- Use spam bots in any shape or form (exceptions are a news post spam bot with permission from an administrator)
- Delete PMs or delete news posts (unless the news post is a blank post). If the PM inbox nears full, I will dump it out myself (so I will empty it). If you image mods don't want a PM deleted, mark it with something (a heart, star, or whatever) so that when I go through the inbox I will not delete it.

*There will be a BBS signature posted in the "Forum Signature" section. That is there so that in case something arises in the BBS regarding the archive (very very VERY rare moments, so don't expect them) the account will make a post in the thread. The signature and the text will verify it's identity. Do not mess with the signature page.

In other words, what is not listed in the "ALLOWED" list is technically forbidden. If any questions arise, like if you want permission to use the account for something not listed in the "ALLOW" section, PM this account.

**It is possible to be unbanned from reviewing since it was user requested, but the request to unban must be sent by the head of the image archive (myself) so therefore one of the two guide accounts will be used to send the request to be unbanned. I have designed and coordinated with the moderators for the ban so that if you image mods ask a review mod or an administrator to unban the account they will not comply. Only a request sent from a guide account (that is owned by only me) will be considered.

You are allowed to have competitions with other image moderators, as in who can make the most number of posts and submit the most number of images or reply to the most number of comments (or something within that manner). Anything that does not infringe the rules is permitted as long as it isn't abusive in any shape or form. Just in case if you do have a competition make sure not to overly spam the image archive with useless images or spam the comments field or anything of that manner.

Your Job as an Image Moderator

2010-12-03 10:17:51 by Zombicidle

Your job is to support the growth of the image archive by capturing anything that seems unusual, interesting, stupid and/or funny and posting it on the news post. You also are expected to moderate and reply to the comments field of users, correct any errors you see on the news posts, and add on to the image archive when possible. There really isn't anything that "doesn't belong" in the image archive as long as it's NG related, but some non-NG related stuff can be posted to the archive as well (though they must be really important and useful).

When an image is submitted by a user to the image archive, it is your job to review the submitted image, and approve/deny of the image (more information on that later). If you can't capture an image but can capture a video of it instead, feel free to submit the video (convert it to SWF using Flash). The video CANNOT have a watermark of any kind, so using Flash is best.

You're also expected to statwhore the archive account (minimum statwhoring required: vote on 5 flashes to deposit 10 EXP each day). Only statwhore the B/P and EXP sections - do NOT post to the BBS or leave reviews on submissions. The statwhoring will make the image archive look legit - an image archive with poor stats may seem suspicious or the data presented to it inaccurate (in the users' eyes that is).

When adding images to the archive, use your best judgment. Do not spam stupid crap because you're a mod. If you see a submission to the archive that you feel does not belong, contact me and I will decide if I want to keep it or remove it. If there's something a user submitted that you think doesn't belong, don't add it (in other words you have power over what's submitted by users, but I have power on the actual archive) Any disputes between moderators should be handled by me (the "administrator") - do not remove an image another moderator has posted yourself or else trouble can arise. Report it to me and I will do the rest.

Keep in mind that my decision is universal to the archive and is FINAL - there is no way to override it. All you image mods can be against it, but my decision must be met even if you are against it. The chances of those decisions happening will be quite rare, so there's no concern about that. I can be unfair, but that's because I "own" the whole image archive. I will be fair though unless a fight or mess arises.

The Image Archive Account

2010-12-02 17:57:09 by Zombicidle

The account that contains the image archive is SupermarioBrothersS where in its news posts it will contain links to images that make up the image archive. However the images that the news post links to will be stored in two places: Imageshack (majority of images) or in Dumping Grounds.

To store more images, you may make more NG accounts, ask people to donate their alternate accounts to you or use your own alts to store images that cannot be stored in Imageshack*. I prefer if you get an account that someone never uses (like an alt that's abandoned) as opposed to making a new account so that we don't waste more space on Newgrounds' Account Database.

If someone gives you their alternate account (alt account) you must change the account password, and the email address the account is linked to. The user who donated the account will lose access to the alt to prevent abuse (as in if we give them access they may delete the whole dumping grounds just to fuck up the image archive). If you, an image mod, have an alt you want to use for the image archive, you do not need to change the password unless it's the same as your main account password (Hint: that's never a good idea for your alt and main to have the same password).

*Images and files that are under the file size of 5.000 MB should be stored in Imageshack. Images and files that exceed 5.000 MB should be stored in Dumping Grounds. Each image moderator gets their own Imageshack account for the image archive, so sharing of a single imageshack account is not allowed. If you have an imageshack account, it is strongly recommended you make a separate one just for the image archive.

You MUST share all account passwords (that uses Dumping Grounds to host images - except if you're willing to use your main account(s)' DG to store images) to the image mods, or at least to me (the "administrator") if not to the mods. This can be simply done by sending the image archive account a PM with the account names and passwords in them (think of the PM inbox as our own little private forum) so only the image mods can read them. If you don't want to give all the mods the account password, then send a PM to me. You can send only some or don't need to send the passwords to the image mods at all, but you MUST send me the password to that account for security reasons (unless it's your main account's DG that is hosting the images) and so that I can keep a record of all accounts used for maintenance purposes. Failure to do so will result in suspension of account privileges. The only exception to this rule is if the images are stored in your main account(s).

Anything that must be kept confidential between the image mods should be discussed in the private image mod chat, sent to the image archive account's PM inbox or kept in PM between the two image mods. It should not be discussed in a public location. Even discussing stuff in an abandoned news post that nobody is likely to see is not allowed. The link and the password to the private image moderator chat can be found in the PM inbox of the image archive account.

If there is anything that is unclear, a PM should be sent to this account with the question regarding the unclear part.